Sena's innate mana is "Senov," and through it she can control the weight of objects. She works as a Yeohadan officer and is usually bickering or fighting with Ten.


When Sena was a child, she was blind and lived in an orphanage. She met Ten when she was 7 years old, and grew to know him as her "brother" as they spent time with each other. Later, Sena found her mother with the help of Senika and Ten. She was scheduled to have a surgery to restore her eyesight, but her doctor was murdered, and Ten uses his mana to cure Sena's eyes in exchange for his memory of her.

3 years later she meets Ten again (who doesn't recognize her because of his lost memory), who returns as a Yeohadan novice officer. Sena and her mother get involved in a case where everyone dies except for her and Ten. Ten decides to take her in to Yeohadan and train her as an officer.