Ran Bellenerepia
Name Ran Bellenerepia
Eyes red-orange
Hair red
Professional Status
Occupation Yeohadan officer
Previous Occupation bar owner
Personal Status
Relatives Senika Roo(wife), Hyacen(Son)
Alias Mr.Penguin
First Appearance
Ran Belnerephia is a wanted criminal that has a bounty of over 2.1 billion. He is also the father of Hyacen.


Because of his strong mana, Ran was taken into an institution wherein he is forced to live together with Nori and Senika. At first he was happy being able to live with Senika but when Kashin came everything changed.

Due to Kashin’s strong mana, Senika’s fragile health deteriorated. This infuriated Ran, and as a result they got into a fight. Ran was terribly wounded.

But after a while he began to understand Kashin's feelings and even begged the council to reconsider Kashin's execution.


Ran has a short temper but he is caring. He cares a lot for his childhood friend and wife Senika and also for his son, Hyacen. Though he loves them dearly he finds it hard to express his love. He is often misunderstood by others because of his actions.


  • birthday:october 10th.
  • blood type:AB.
  • Height: 180.