Bize Tacarette
Name Bize Tacarette
Hair blonde
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance

Bize is top student of his class. He is also one of the 2 students who can control their innate mana.


Bize came from a long line of intelligent people, but because he was only adopted by the Tacarette family, he forces himself to try harder and be on the top.


Bize has a strong sense of justice. When he found out that Hyacen and Ari was cheating he immediately reported it to the teacher. He also despise people who doesn't care about the image of their parents like Hyacen.

He also has a very guilty conscience. When he realized what he had done to Hyacen, he immediately regretted it and wasn't able to concentrate during the last exam. He also helped Hyacen do his homework after he was discharged in order to ease his guilt.

After the Black Raincoat accident, when he realized that Ran Belnerephia was Hyacen's father he also felt guilty about forcing Hyacen to research the crimes of his own father and driving him into a corner. He blames himself for what Hyacen has done to his own memories.

Innate Mana

Bize's Innate Mana is Electricity. Among the students in their school, Bize is one of the few who can actually control his innate mana.

He used his innate mana about twice in the whole series, the first one is to show off to Hyacen, while the second one was to help Hyacen and Ari from the Black raincoat murderer. He used his innate mana to electrify the knife that Hyacen threw up in the air and he managed to paralyze momentarily the criminal.