Name Ari
Age 12
Gender Female
Eyes pink
Hair Blond
Professional Status
Occupation student
Personal Status
First Appearance

Ari is one of the students of Wiquebelry and also the classmate of Hyacen.


Ari used to go to another private school, wherein one of her friends was taking in drugs. Because she was afraid that the use of drugs would be spread among other people, she kept quiet about the incident of her friend being blinded. Because of this, the Black Raincoat, targets her and wants to kill her.


Ari is frank and blunt, she also has a blurred sense of what's right and wrong. When Hyacen and Ari first met, she asked him whether he would like her to help in the exam. She also cares a lot about her friends and would even sacrifice herself just to protect them, just like when they were attacked by the Black Raincoat.

Innate Mana

Ari's innate mana is Senover, which allows her to change the shape and properties of things. As of now, she can only dye her hair.


Hyacen Belrenephia
They are in good terms with each other despite the little accident involving their first examinaiton. Ari has a sense of respect for Hyacen and she acknowledge his IQ.
Bize Tacarette
They have a mutual relationship with each other that only involves talking whenever needed. Ari never reached out to Bize but she had went against him.


  • Ari was modeled after the author's pet parrot.[1]


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