2916th Child
Name 2916th Child
Race Gods
Birthday winter day of Julian Calendar
Hair Violet
Professional Status
Affiliation Marhnie
Personal Status
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 0


When the 2916th Child turned 14, he became the first person to ask why the Creator allows suffering. He wondered whether they should worship the Creator.

Due to his reasoning, other people allied themselves with him and formed the group Marhnie that turned into an evil organization set out to plot against the creator.


After the news about Marhnie spread like wildfire, the Tria (Tessera) placed a punishment to the members of Marhnie. They were given "Thirst"

The 2916th Child lost his memories and must directly take in energy in order to survive. He was also banished to the human world (Marhniekarta) which is 0.8 seconds behind the World of Gods.